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Hold bitcoin
in your hand.

Use your bitcoin without complex setup process.
Securely store or gift bitcoin with Coinplus patented physical wallets.
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Owning crypto
should not be difficult.

Feel like you're missing out on crypto because it's too complicated? You don't have to anymore. Crypto starts with a wallet. Start your crypto journey confidently with the simple Coinplus physical wallet.


Own bitcoin,

Unlike others, our patented physical wallets come ready-to-use. Become a bitcoin holder right away without complex steps like seed phrase storage, address generation, or any other tech-heavy stuff.
Accumulate bitcoins
Coinplus black card with coins


Gift the best,
to you and to yours.

Whether for you or a loved one, make the gift that only gets better with time. And with Coinplus wallet, the funds are safe and always at hand.

One tap,
and you're
in crypto.

Using crypto has never been easier. Track the worth of your assets by tapping the card on the phone, and get more enhanced functionality with Coinplus mobile app.

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Coinplus App
Thanks to the NFC chip inside, hold the card near your phone and let us work the magic for you. Check the current balance, top it up, or choose to download our app for greater functionality, all in one smooth flow.
Each card bears a a unique QR code that is linked to your crypto wallet address. This means no phone or other device is needed to start receiving crypto payments. Just show the sender the QR and you're good to get the transfer to your address.
Your card is a physical vault you can store your crypto assets in. Our patented technology ensures that only you have access to its key. And you can retrieve this private key by scratching off the two temper-proof labels and combining the two unaffiliated secret codes in our app.

How it works

Step 1.

Get Coinplus wallet

Purchase a wallet of your choice and we'll ship it worldwide. All the wallets on our website ship with no crypto on the balance.

Step 2.

Tap the card to start

Tap it on your phone to reveal its balance, save it to your portfolio in our app, and add funds via a bank card or a crypto transfer.

Step 3.

Scratch the labels off

When it's time to spend from the wallet, scratch the labels off and combine the secret codes in our app. The derived private key lets you manage the funds.

Step 4.

Enjoy the freedom

Unlike most of the crypto accounts, Coinplus wallets are self-custodial. Only you have access to the private key that controls your assets, so you possess complete control and full custody of your funds—at all times... with the added luxury of not worrying about the tech-heavy measures.

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